Ohio podiatrist a defendant in more than 20 malpractice lawsuits

A spokesperson for an Ohio podiatrist and surgeon says that the doctor "delivers quality medical care" that belies the eight active medical malpractice lawsuits pending against him in Franklin County Pleas Court. The doctor "has every intention of fighting [the lawsuits] in court," says his representative.

The developments and material facts surrounding the litigation swirling around Dr. Leonard Janis, a Hilliard podiatrist who continues to practice in the face of an onslaught of litigation that names him as defendant, were traced in this blog's immediately preceding entry.

It is no overstatement to say that Janis is currently facing an amount of litigation that many physicians and surgeons do not experience over their entire working careers. In addition to the malpractice suits against him, Janis is also named in a wrongful death lawsuit by a widow whose husband died the same day that Janis operated on his Achilles tendon.

One attorney representing two malpractice plaintiffs in complaints against Janis says nine filings at once against one defendant doctor "is virtually unheard of."

Another attorney, Daniel N. Abraham of the Columbus-based law firm Colley Shroyer & Abraham Co., L.P.A., would undoubtedly agree with that assessment. Abraham has filed five separate suits against Janis, with two more cases presently being prepared.

The doctor's spokesperson, who says that Janis performs approximately 600 surgeries a year, "takes on a lot of high-risk cases" that other doctors forgo. Given that high volume of operations, some of which have remote prospects of success, an occasional adverse result is to be expected, Janis' camp maintains.

That is not true, say critics, who point to the sheer amount of malpractice litigation Janis has faced over many years as evidence of medical negligence and botched outcomes.

The volume is indeed substantial, with Janis being no stranger to Ohio courts prior to the current surge of filings against him. In fact, Janis was named as a defendant in 12 other lawsuits brought against him in Franklin County dating to 1991.

Five of those cases were settled out of court.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Hilliard podiatrist facing 8 malpractice lawsuits," John Futty, July 9, 2012

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