Ohio Doctor Target of 19 Medical Malpractice Suits

One Ohio doctor is keeping fairly busy these days. But not with medical procedures or an abundance of clients, rather an overflowing amount of medical malpractice lawsuits targeted at his practice.

Dr. Lawrence Rothstein runs North American Spine, with offices in Dayton, Ohio and Dallas, Texas, that uses surgical lasers to help patient's correct chronic back pain. His office specializes in the use of a medical device called the "AccuraScope," which was invented by Rothstein.

According to the lawsuits, Rothstein marketed this surgery as a no-risk option and that none of his prior patients had ever been left in worse condition after the surgery. But in reality, Rothstein was facing multiple malpractice suits against him where patients suffered catastrophic injuries. Now, he faces nearly 19 medical malpractice suits which are currently pending in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

Currently, Rothstein has settled at least three of these cases and lost two other jury trials, including a $5 million judgment.

Due to the continuing amount of adverse judgments against his practice, Rothstein filed for bankruptcy last week. Additionally, Rothstein faces troubles concerning the lack of medical malpractice insurance for this practice. Despite the fact that Ohio does not require that doctors have malpractice insurance, doctor are required to inform patients in writing and obtain a signed content form before performing treatment on non-emergency cases.

Currently, Rothstein serves as the chief medical officer for North American Spine. The practice's primary mode of advertisement is in airline magazines and on the Internet. According to a recent news article, North American Spine has treated over 400 people using Dr. Rothstein's AccuraScope surgery in 2008, which equates to about $11.8 million in revenue for the procedure alone.

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